La gama de productos más amplia del mercado

Nachi is a global leader in the production of hydraulic components with a long tradition, innovative technology and customized solutions.

The Nachi products that make up the Kolben catalogue are:

  • Power Unit NSP-Series
  • Base plate valve assembly
  • Gear pump IPH metric shaft
  • Modular check valve OC type
  • Modular pressure reducing valve OG
  • Modular relief valve OR type
  • Pilot operated solenoid valve
  • Solenoide valve NG6 SA, NG6 SS, NG10 SA
  • Motor pump unit with piston or vane pump

Descarga los catálogos de las unidades hidráulicas de Nachi:

Unidad Hidráulica NSP
Válvulas Direccionales y Modulares
Bombas de Engranes IPH